Ladies Used To Stand Beside Me To Look Thinner… Until I Tried This Ice Hack

Most diets, routines and workouts require us to change all of the things we do, and that’s why they fail…

In This Free Video You Will Learn…

A) How the secret isn’t in the types or the amount of foods you eat or your diet. I ate 6-times a day and still got into shape.

B) The “ice hack” that has been used for centuries by the Himalayans to stay in shape. I did this everyday for a month, and it was the only thing that worked.

C) Why going to the gym, changing diets and holistic remedies don’t work, and could actually make things worst. I will show you the root cause and fix.

My Case Study:

When you’re really unhealthy … and I mean REALLY unhealthy … a lot of women like to stand near you. Apparently it makes them feel thin.

Up until two years ago (literally me in the photo), I was the “whale lady” that everyone wanted to stand next to.

I was too tired to go out with my friends at night. I was even embarrassed to go out on weekends by myself. I waddled when I walked. I sweat when I ate. I wore anything loose that would hang straight down and wouldn’t cling. I wasn’t just “unhealthy”… I was a “whale” (that’s what everyone called me.)

I went to my doctors for help. But I wasn’t optimistic. I tried 14 different diets. I went to the gym. One by one. And I failed at them all.

My doctor listened carefully and recommended an entirely different method. That wasn’t a “diet.” It was a completely new method with research backed by Standford University.

It involved using ice and was something the Himalayans have been doing for centuries.

I started implementing the method and within the first week, I felt so much better. And after the first month, I looked so much better.

The reason the method worked was simple: I was always eating.

I could eat six-times ever day. I never felt deprived. Never hungry. I could snack in the afternoon. Snack before dinner. I could even snack at night while watching T.V.

The photo now is me. Crazy, right? Read more below, let me explain.

“How can you eat so much and still not be unhealthy?”

The secret is not in the amount of food you eat.

It’s in your metabolism. That’s why I could eat so much while burning all of it off.

And the way I increased it was with an “ice hack” and it must be the best kept secret in America. Because, up to now, it’s only been available to doctors. No one else.

There are other benefits to this too…

– There are no kind of pills you have to take.
– No crazy workout routine you have to follow.
– No crazy diet you have to adapt to.
– You’re not counting calories. Just do the “ice hack” and it’s easy.
– You eat the foods you enjoy. Great variety. Great taste.
– You can dine out.
– No weird things. Simple.

Most diets and routines require us to change all of the things we do, and that’s why they fail.

Ever heard of those who eat and eat but are still so thin? It’s because they have a high metabolism. There’s a lesson in that!

Most of what we’ve been taught when it comes to this topic is so wrong. That’s because you need to approach it at a holistic level to get to the ROOT of what’s wrong.

No wonder all the different things I tried didn’t work.

So I want to share the exact video I followed to do all of this below.

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